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More questions? email us: questions@movevan.co.uk

  • How much would my move cost? 

    • The cost of your move will depend on the service which you have selected. If you have chosen our ‘man and van’ service, the cost will normally be the hourly rate quoted/advertised plus the mileages. There are other costs which might be included but you can always get a detailed breakdown by using our online quote to get a more accurate cost. If you have selected a removal we normally factor all our costs which include packaging, mileage, manpower and provide you with a fixed cost. 
  • Will the estimated cost be guaranteed?

    • We will be able to guarantee estimates when we have all the necessary information in order to do so. For this reason, and to avoid complications at a later date, please be sure to point out everything that is to be moved. This includes all items in storage areas inside and outside of the house or anything being picked up from additional locations, such as cottages or storage areas away from home. 
  • What method of payment is required?

    • We accept most major debit and credit cards We also accept paypal and cash and we offer at our discretion the option for some businesses to pay by invoice. 
  • Does the crew dismantle furniture or disconnect appliances?

    • At your request our crew can normally disassemble and reassemble certain items of furniture. In addition, they can disconnect and reconnect basic appliances. Nevertheless, please note that there is a charge for this and you should contact us for a price prior to any booking. 
  • Can I travel in the van with the driver?

    • Subject to the availability of sufficient space, you and one additional companion may travel with the driver at no additional cost. However, there may be times when we may not always be able to accommodate more than one passenger even though you may have requested for only one man in accordance with your chosen service. 
  • When do you start charging?

    • We start charging from the time we arrive at your property and we have completed all necessary paperwork. 
  • Is there a minimum booking period?

    • The minimum booking time for our man and van service is 2 hours after which you can book in 30 minute increments. However, booking in 30 minute increments is available only to customers who have pre booked their time slot. 
  • Are my goods insured whilst in transit?

    • If you have opted for insurance, then yes, your goods will be insured up to the value in line with your chosen insurance coverage option.