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Movevan Terms & Conditions

Customer Terms & Conditions


1. Definitions

The terms "Movevan.co.uk," "we," and "us" refer to Movevan.co.uk, the owner of this website. The terms "customer," "client," and "you" refer to a person making an online booking.


2. The Movevan.co.uk Website

Movevan.co.uk serves as an online marketplace where individuals can secure moving services through a convenient booking system.


3. Using the Website

3.1. By using Movevan.co.uk, you agree to the terms and conditions. Avoid uploading or transmitting material that violates guidelines.

3.2. The website is not for users under 18, and temporary access suspension may occur during updates.


4. Website Content

Movevan.co.uk does not guarantee the accuracy of website content. Changes may occur without notice, and posted information is advisory.


5. Restrictions

Users are restricted from certain activities, including commercializing website material and engaging in harmful actions.


6. Intellectual Property Rights

Duplication, copying, or resale of any part of Movevan.co.uk is prohibited. Content ownership belongs to Movevan.co.uk.


7. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

Terms are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, with disputes subject to the UK courts.


8. Feedback

8.1. After each booking, customers can rate Movevan.co.uk. Threatening with negative feedback for unauthorised advantages is prohibited.

8.2. Movevan.co.uk may investigate and modify or withhold unfounded negative feedback.


9. Fees

9.1. Booking on our website is free. A deposit is paid during booking, with the remaining amount paid in cash to the driver or by bank transfer to our company account details.

9.2. Alternatively, the full cost can be paid at time of booking.

9.3. Additional charges for extra time are charged in per minute increments.


10. Cancellation & Refunding

10.10. For cancellation-related inquiries and refund requests, please contact us by phone at +44 203 369 1974 or via email, WhatsApp or Livechat.

10.11. Kindly note that the refund process may take 5 to 10 business days for the payment gateway (Stripe) to transfer the funds into your bank account. Refer to the payment gateway documentation for more information.


11. Goods in Transit Insurance

Goods in transit insurance total covers is up to £10,000, Movevan.co.uk is not liable for the first £250.00 known as the policy excess.

For coverage under our insurer, it is crucial that the Movevan.co.uk team handles the preparation and packing of items specified in the Inventory list provided by our customers.


11 Our Commitment

11.1 We pledge to transport your goods from the "moving from address" to the "moving to address" in the same condition as when packed or made ready for transportation. All goods are insured in the van for up to £10,000, with no liability for the first £250.00 per claim. Additional insurance, if needed, is the customer's responsibility.

11.2 If we pack the goods, we are responsible for ensuring their delivery without damage. Compensation will be provided in case of failure, except due to negligence or breach of contract.

11.3 Our liability is not applicable unless loss or damage results from negligence or breach of contract, as detailed in clauses 11.7.

11.4 Without a declaration of the value of goods or acceptance of standard liability, we are not liable unless the failure is due to negligence or breach of contract.

11.5 The determination of our liability amount follows applicable regulations.

11.6 You are responsible for:

- Declaring the value of goods in writing, with a reduction in our liability if the determined value is lower.

- Keeping valuables such as jewelry and money with you during the move.

- Obtaining necessary documents, permits, and authorizations for the move.

- Being present or represented during collection and delivery.

- Ensuring nothing is left behind or taken away by mistake.

- Safeguarding property left unattended.

- Preparing and securing all equipment and electronic devices.

- Defrosting and emptying fridges before shipping.

- Providing the correct delivery address.


11.7 Ensure your phone is on and stay in contact with the driver during transport. We are not liable for losses due to the failure to discharge these responsibilities.

11.8 Goods Which Cannot Be Transported

Items falling into certain categories cannot be transported unless agreed upon in writing by Movevan.co.uk. It is your responsibility to ensure goods falling into these categories are not transported without proper consent.


12 Exclusions of Liability

12.1 We are not liable for loss or damage due to fire or explosion unless caused by negligence or breach of contract.

12.2 For certain items, we will not be held liable unless there is negligence or breach of contract.

12.3 Our liability is excluded in various circumstances, including war, acts of God, and indirect or consequential loss.

12.4 Employees are not individually responsible, and our liability ceases after delivery.


13 Customer Responsibilities:

- Arrange additional insurance if needed.

- Report all claims at the time of occurrence.

- Claims will not be accepted after payment and the departure of the Movevan.co.uk team.


14. Privacy

Movevan.co.uk prioritises your privacy, and personal details will not be distributed. Read the detailed privacy policy on our website.


15. Disputes

Raise any disputes regarding removal jobs in writing (email or contact form) with Movevan.co.uk for a thorough investigation. By using our platform, you release Movevan from claims, and we are not connected with such disputes.


16. Confirmed Bookings VAT

Confirmed bookings from Movevan are exclusive of VAT.


17. Non-Payment

In case of non-payment to Movevan.co.uk, we reserve the right to register your details in the small claims court and obtain a CCJ, ban you from our website, and disclose your details to law enforcement authorities.


18. Self Loading

If the customer chooses to load items, the service provider has no involvement, and the customer is solely liable for any damage. Insurance covers items only in the event of a road traffic accident.


19. Equipment

All Movevan.co.uk services provide trolleys, blankets, straps, and basic tools. Additional requirements can be specified in the Instant Quotes page.


20. Prohibited Goods

Certain goods may not be transported due to hazards, dangers, or illegality. Do not book on our website if unsure about the legality of your goods.


21. Minimum Booking Duration & Excess Time Charges

21.1 Our service has a minimum booking duration of 2 hours. However, you must book the actual duration of your trip; for instance, if the journey takes 5 hours, the minimum booking would be 5 hours, considering the time required for loading and unloading. If additional time is needed beyond the booked hours, our Man and Van service overtime’s are charged on a per minute used basis.

21.2 In cases of overbooking time or services, refunds for the unused portion are not possible. Customers are responsible for ensuring their booking accurately reflects their needs. For cash payments, the full amount is owed regardless of actual usage, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration before finalizing bookings to prevent inconvenience.


22. Congestion Charge Zone

If your moving route passes through the London Congestion Zone, you are required to pay the congestion charge in cash to the driver. The Congestion Charge is £15.00 per day within the zone (7:00-18:00 Monday-Friday and 12:00-18:00 Sat-Sun and bank holidays), with no charge between Christmas Day and New Year's Day bank holiday. More details about this charge can be found here.


23. Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

Travel within the Ultra Low Emission Zone incurs a charge of £12.50 where applicable.


24. Toll Road Charges

For trips involving toll road charges, customers must pay the charge directly or in cash to the driver at the job's conclusion.


25. Parking Charges

Customers are responsible for their own parking charges, payable directly or in cash to the driver.


26. Ferry Costs

If a trip involves a ferry, customers must cover the ferry costs, including the return trip for the van.


27. Delays

In case of delays due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g., weather, traffic), customers will receive timely updates from the Man and Van service provider. We do not accept responsibility for customer losses due to such delays and don't offer partial refunds for delays beyond our control.


28. Non-attendance

If, by chance, the Man and Van service provider fails to arrive at the pick-up address, please contact us promptly.


29. Payments

All payments to Man and Van service providers must be made by bank or in cash or through pre-arranged credit or debit card transactions.


30. Losses or Damage

Upon completion of the job and payment, we disclaim responsibility for any damaged or lost property. For reported damage, dated photos are required within 24 hours of job completion. Estimates for repair or replacement must be provided within 30 days of the move date, with the service provider taking full responsibility for damaged items.


31. Promotional Discounts

While we often provide promotional discounts, Man and Van service providers can choose to opt out due to existing heavily discounted prices.


32. Poor Standard Products

Movevan.co.uk and its service providers are not liable for damage involving poor standard products (e.g., Ikea, Argos, The Range). If uncertain about coverage, please contact us.


33. Profile and Van Pictures

Man and Van service providers select their own logo or profile picture; we accept no liability for these images. Regarding copyright infringement, contact us for image removal. Van selection complies with the specified dimensions in the Van Size Guide.


34. Driver Reviews

Customer reviews on the Movevan.co.uk platform become our intellectual property. If customers wish to conceal their identity, we can partially hide the reviewer's name upon request.


35. Limitation of Liability

Movevan.co.uk will not be liable for acts or omissions of employees or subcontractors, except in cases of personal injury or death directly caused by Movevan.co.uk's negligence.